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"I always had the vision of doing something online, an online magazine."

SA Drummer is an online publication, stemming from Warren van Wyk’s passion for the SA Drum scene and the lack of a publication that would involve SA drummers with the rest of the world in a big way. Warren used to write for a magazine called SA Drums & Percussion. This publication did a lot for the industry; it created a great patriotic community which was amazing for the local drum scene. But it got to a point where that went away, leaving behind a void.

And that’s how SA drummer got started. We gave it a lot of time to make sure the market was open and we wouldn’t be stepping on any toes of the previous magazine. We wanted to make sure that SA Drummer was its own thing and not mistaken for the, now discontinued, SA Drums & Percussion. Warren wanted to pick up the concept of creating a SA Drum community, and with all the design and research that went into the magazine and all the events and so forth he realised he needed somebody with the same passion and drive that could help him achieve the goals and the standards he wanted for SA Drummer. And that’s how Louis R. Malherbe came on board. And from then on it has been one wild ride, always finding something new to improve and always setting new goals to bring the SA drum community together like never before.



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