Carla Williams | South Africa’s Rising Star From Cape Town

We came across some of Carla’s videos on social media, and we just had to share this exceptional young drummer with you guys. At only 16 years old, Carla has so much musically and plays the parts exactly how they should be. Super tight, musical, and DEEP in the pocket!! Keep it up, Carla!!

Carla Williams is a promising young up-and-coming drummer from the Mother City, Cape Town.

This 16-year old drum prodigy has her mindset on making her mark in the industry both locally and abroad, paving the way for female musicians.

Since the age of 6, Carla knew she wanted to play the drums. Growing up in a musical family, the career choice came as no surprise. “It’s in the DNA,” says dad (part-time musician) and mom (avid supporter of the arts).

“It’s in the DNA,” says dad (part-time musician) and mom (avid supporter of the arts).

Being serious about her gift, Carla made the shift in 2018 from conventional schooling to homeschooling to focus on her drumming and further honing her skills.


In 2016, Carla entered an international female drumming contest, “Hit Like a Girl,” and received the ‘Rising Star Award.’

Generally, a shy introvert when she is off stage, Carla transforms into a confident player when behind the drums. She claims this is her position of strength.

Carla had the opportunity to perform with bands on local TV shows, Hectic 99 and Expresso Morning Show. You will also see her drumming in the Black Cat Peanut Butter advert showcasing on SABC.

During Paul Bothner’s 2019 drum month, Carla got invited to host a drum workshop. She was the youngest drum workshop presenter in Cape Town and wowed attendees with her skill and precision playing.



Louis Malherbe SA DRUMMER
Louis R. Malherbe II

Louis has worked with various artists; from a wide variety of genres; some achieving Platinum-selling success, namely, Jesse Clegg. Other artists Louis has worked with include: APPEL, Dominic Neill, The Motherland, Charlie Finch, Bianca Blanc, Made For Broadway, The Smoochies, Jet Black Camaro, Black Harbour, Rob May, The Barnyard Theatre and many others. As a Co-Owner of SA Drummer, a movement that he joined in 2018, keeps him busy as it is one of his passions to create a strong drumming community in South Africa.

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  1. Well done Carla, keep it up. Always Stay as humble and teachable and as you seek God first in everything you do He will lead you on beautiful paths. Your best years are yet to come.

  2. I’m a family friend who saw this e young lady grow over the last couple of years and with the awesome support of her family she has achieved so much at such a tender age. #uncleB

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