Roland TD-27KV Review

If you are familiar with the Roland V-Drums then you will know that they are the leading name in drum electronics! We got sent the new TD-27 to put it to the test and all we can say is that this kit is on a whole new level! Roland knocked the ball out the park with one!!

Impi Snare Drums – Proudly South African – Willem Söhnge

A love story… by Myles Ryan Have you ever met someone and discussed a subject with them that they were incredibly passionate about? They’re so passionate that when you’re done talking, you can’t stop thinking about it. It’s infectious. It’s almost like falling in love. In this case, it really is love. Meet Willem. Willem …

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Promark Firegrain Review

My first thought about the new Promark FireGrain™ sticks was that they looked fascinating and was something really different that I have never seen in any other drumstick, ever. I have always loved how innovative D’addario is, so it didn’t come with much surprise that they came out with something that no other stick brand …

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