Hangouts #03 – Part 03 – Sabu Satsha

Welcome to Part 3, and the last part of Sabu Satsha’s chat! We hope that you guys got a lot out of it! Make sure to subscribe to the Youtube channel and turn on your notifications as we have Ricco Mabuela’s (Drummer for Kwesta) and Ramon Sampson’s Hangouts in the calendar and ready to go!!

In part 3, we chat about:

* Social Media
* Being patient 
* Envy and seeing the bigger picture
* Playing for the music
* Being disciplined 
* and more…

sabu satsha - sa drummer

Hangouts #03 – Part 02 – Sabu Satsha

If you checked out part 1, we are sure you learned a lot and hopefully enjoyed every moment of it.

In Part 2 we spoke about Managing your finances, Getting your paperwork sorted with SAMRO, Not being afraid to reach out and seek help and advice from others, Having Patience, Endorsements and more!!

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