‘Sucker’ By Jonas Brothers

Sucker - Sheet Music Thumbnail
Transcribed by Saul Nossel

Saul Nossel SA DRUMMER
Saul Nossel
Saul Nossel is a musician and session drummer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Running his own studio, Volume, where he produces, teaches and works in the different avenues of the music industry. His main focus is performance on the drum kit while he studied a BMus at Wits University (2016) where he majored on composition and minored in performance. Saul has been active as a session drummer since 2010 - playing in his own projects and working with solo artists and groups. He produces music under the moniker Volume. If he’s not producing with artists, he’s working on music for adverts and film, teaching and gigging. You can find out more about Saul and his musical endeavours on his instagrams @betternotcallsaul & @volumejhb.

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