What Is A Good Age To Take Drum Lessons?

Drumming captures the interest of many people of different ages. I mean, who on earth doesn’t want to be a drummer, right? We currently teach students from 4 years old up until the age of 75, so that is proof that anyone can learn to play the drums no matter how old they are, but there are some T’s and C’s which need to be considered.

What do you want to achieve by learning the drums? Is it for stress relief? Just for fun? Something that you never ticked off your bucket list? Is it maybe the dream to become a pro drummer one day? There are so many more examples of the different people that would like to play the drums for various reasons, so your age does not matter. It is all about what you want to achieve.

If you are looking at starting drums, no matter what age you are, think about why you want to do it and find a good teacher that will be able and patient enough to take you on that journey. If you are 98 years old and the only reason you want to start drums is to make some extra money on the weekends, then I think you should rethink it, unless you were a Drum God in your past life, haha. In this case, you would be too old. If you are older and have a stressful job and would like some relief and need something to hit instead of your boss, then drums can be an excellent thing for you. We work with a lot of older people in highly stressful jobs, and we see how drumming can take their minds off the usual worries and stress in life. Does an age matter when this is your focus? Nope, not at all. Would it matter if you are getting impatient because you want to be a Drum God tomorrow? I think you answered that for yourself.

Drum lessons for kids are also extremely popular, and we love these students. When a child is very young, the parents are usually in control as they will be paying for the lessons. Most of the time, the child may have seen something on TV that inspired him or watched a band and found that he couldn’t take his eyes off of the drummer. The first thing going through the young child’s mind is, “Wow, that looks like so much fun.” When this is the case, I don’t see any age being a problem. Kids at such a young age are not thinking about drumming seriously. They just want to have fun. It is so important to keep that fun element in their drum lessons and make sure not to make it feel like school. If you are a parent and you are paying for lessons, it goes without saying that you would like to see progress, so you need to find a teacher that can keep the fun element while getting some momentum. That is vital in order not to kill the child’s interest. The same goes for older students. If they are there for stress relief, and the teacher is making it feel like they are back in school or the military, then they are not going to want to carry on. Do they still wish to progress? Of course! So, just find that balance of progress and having fun. If you can do that without making it stressful, then again, any age is good to go.

If you are 98 years old and the only reason you want to start drums is to make some extra money on the weekends, then I think you should rethink it.

We get a lot of “bucket list” inquiries from elderly people that have always wanted to play the drums but never got around to it (How awesome is that?) Are they too old? Again, that depends on what they want to get out of the drums. If it is to have some fun and finally tick it off the list, then, of course, they are not too old. Who cares if you are 106 years old, and your only focus is to learn how to play a few beats? Age should not matter.

A lot of teenagers that would love to start drums in the hope that they can make it a career one day also feel that they are maybe too old. Well, we have news for you. You are not too old. Would you have to put in some extra work and more practice than someone who started at 8? Possibly. There are plenty of professional drummers that only started playing in their teens and even as late as their 20’s. If you are not afraid of hard work and dedication, then pursue that dream! There are plenty of drummers that started at a really young age where it sounds like they started yesterday. It comes down to practice, determination, and dedication.

We get inquiries from parents that have children at the age of 2 and 3 years old. Are they too young? Again, what do you as the parent want out of the lessons? If you are looking for extreme progress at this age, you might want to wait until they are a little older. When we get inquiries for such young kids, we explain to the parent that it is a fantastic thing because the young child is going to grow up with music, it will be a part of his life. He won’t remember his life without it, so hopefully, he will carry on when he is old enough and make his own decisions. That should be the focus for a child this young, not progression. If you, as a parent, want to live the dream of a famous drummer through your child, then maybe wait until you can see some interest from the child’s side. We have seen when a child gets forced to learn to play the drums, and it isn’t too fun at all.

So the topic of this article really comes down to so many different factors. We feel that any age is great to start, depending on what you would like to get out of it.

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Warren van Wyk SA DRUMMER
Warren van Wyk

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